About Planet Fitness
A leading fitness franchise in the US, Planet Fitness builds its brand with affordable memberships and quality facilities. Featuring a policy that emphasizes a Judgment Free Zone, the fitness chain primarily builds a name for itself as a less shallow, more accepting alternative to generic fitness clubs.

Key Challenges
» Communicating with owners and managers out of state.
» Coordinating inspections more cohesively.

HappyCo Solutions Utilized
» “Manage” platform for cloud storage and integration package.
» “Inspector” mobile app for iOS.
» Professional services for complete
setup, training and deployment.

Successful Outcomes
» Instant communication and updates make inspections far more dynamic, organized and efficient.
» Quicker resolutions.
» Greater inspection cohesion and
» Buildings so clean that “members constantly comment on the cleanliness”.

Particular strengths include:
» Real time validation of inspection finding
» E-signatures
» Instant archiving
» Search function for quick review

Planet Fitness Slims Down Operational Processes With HappyCo

Problem – A completely manual process

Part of Planet Fitness’s strength is the state of its gyms and maintenance. “Our main goal is to provide a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere where absolutely anyone can come and enjoy themselves on the path to fitness,” says David Card, a Regional Director of Planet Fitness. Overseeing eight different locations in the Carolinas and Georgia, David well knows the complicated logistics their bimonthly inspections require. “Our ownership group lives in separate states,” says David. “So these reports were an effective way for us to perform an inspection and communicate the results.”

Planet Fitness’s employee incentive program emphasizes cleanliness as a metric for bonuses, making HappyCo a perfect fit for their overall logistics and values. “We are here for our members. Because they are happy with our facility, this makes Happy Inspector a very important tool.”

Before using HappyCo, a slew of different platforms and tools were required to report, catalog, and archive inspections. Cumbersome to handle, employees had to spend time juggling software when they'd otherwise be on the floor. An interstate operation, David and his colleagues also contended with cellular communication with its static and missed calls, which could delay important solutions for centers in need of maintenance or cleanup.

After a five minute download, HappyCo’s benefits to Planet Fitness were apparent. An all inclusive platform that offers a full range of tools to record, distribute, and archive inspections, Planet Fitness inspections are now more efficient and productive.

Additionally, Planet Fitness finds inspections are now more accurate. In particular, Happy Inspector’s ability to instantly generate inspection sheets enables inspectors to create customized templates for each facility.

“The app is an easy-to-use way to effectively communicate with on site management and upper level personnel regardless of physical location.”
— David Card, Regional Director, Planet Fitness

David and his employees find HappyCo an excellent solution. “The app is an easy-to-use way to effectively communicate with on site management and upper level personnel regardless of physical location”, says David.

Employees and managers can now act on solutions quicker, while franchise management and owners can receive updates through a sole, integrated source. Cloud access, meanwhile, allows on-the-fly reviews of past problem areas and equipment. A good resource for active inspectors, David also finds the archives great “to teach newly promoted managers about areas to be on the lookout for.”