About McEnearney Associates
From the day it was established in 1980, McEnearney Associates has sought to put the client first, and always. It provides a full slate of quality estate services, from providing luxury homes to buying, selling, and renting.  They also provide property management, relocation services and home price estimates. 

Company Overview

  • The agency operates eight offices in the Metro DC area
  • Full real estate services for buyers and sellers 
  • Manages more than 500 individual homes in DC area
  • Full-scale rental and property management 
  • Relocation service moving to or from DC metropolitan area

McEnearney Associates Transforms Field Inspections Workflow With HappyCo's Mobile Inspections App

McEnearney Associates has been a mainstay in the DC metro area for 35 years; its sales associates are experts in the market, averaging more than 17 years’ experience in residential real estate. They thrive on building relationships with clients and finding fast and effective solutions to meet their wide ranging needs.  Their expertise spans several specialty areas: from luxury homes to rentals; and their expansion into both property management and relocation services has increased their impact on the housing market in their locale.

Because McEnearney offers such a wide range of services for so many clients and customers, its associates were often bogged down in an unyielding sea of paperwork.  From applications and contracts to field inspection reports and pricing quotes, filling out forms – and then reconciling them with the client or customer – working with paper is time-consuming and cumbersome. This slowed down the process, increased waiting time for customers and clients and, in the end, cost the company money.

This was especially overwhelming within McEnearney’s Property Management branch.  Each time a tenant moves in or vacates an apartment, it triggered a host of tasks – from inspections to maintenance projects to returning (or not returning) a tenant’s security/damage deposits. Inspectors, for example, would often be faced with visiting several apartments a day – photographing the condition of each dwelling and filling out detail inspection reports – and then have to head back to the office facing the arduous task of linking photographs with specific units and tenants. When that was finally done, they’d then begin faxing the reports to various departments that needed them, sometimes eating up a full day in the process.

As McEnearney’s property management business grew and flourished, its management team knew it had to be proactive in searching out technology that would make their routine more efficient, save time and money, and ultimately serve its clients better. So Property Management Office Manager Cindy Colorado and her team began the search that led them to HappyCo – and its new digital platform that allows inspectors to do everything on a mobile device, eradicating the need for paper and speeding up the process.

“We were thrilled to find HappyCo and the mobile tool that will really help streamline and modernize our process,” Colorado said. “We’d been looking around for a while, but as soon as we met with HappyCo’s leadership team, we knew they had exactly what we were searching for. We were impressed with how easy it was to get the implementation process going, and the actual deployment of the tool was even easier. It was only a few weeks from start to finish."

“HappyCo has completely transformed our inspection process, which has improved every aspect of our business. It really is a transformative technology for the property rental industry.”
— Cindy Colorado, Property Management Office Manager, McEnearney Associates

With HappyCo’s automated solution in place, inspectors using an embedded photography platform, can now collect data on the spot, time-stamp it, and instantly distribute it to the right people at McEnearney’s property management office, drastically speeding up work flow. 

“We manage over 500 units,” Colorado said. “As you can imagine, speeding up the move-in, move-out process in a business of that scale is truly significant.  We don’t want to waste time, and our clients sure don’t want to waste time!  They’re busy people, in a bustling city, and they really want to keep things moving. HappyCo’s mobile technology has helped us achieve our overriding goal to always put the client first.”

Are you ready to transform your operations workflow with digital inspections?