Happy Inspector is now HappyCo

Today is a big day for the Happy Inspector community.

Happy Inspector is now HappyCo.

When we founded the company in 2012, our core belief was that the rapid adoption of mobile devices on a personal level would be a game changer for businesses. There were too many inefficiencies and problems that pen and paper was creating for workers in the field. We knew there had to be a better way. Three years later, we believe it even more strongly, as we’ve grown to serve thousands of businesses across more than 41 countries.

We are on a mission to help businesses use mobile technology to replace the use of paper for checklists, audits, inspections, logbooks and forms in the field. Today, we’re taking another step towards accomplishing this mission by officially launching version 3 of the Inspector app on Apple, Android and for the desktop. We believe that our commitment to paying extra attention to design and making a better, simpler user experience across all these platforms will make people’s lives, dare we say, Happier. These benefits will ultimately benefit the businesses that they are a part of.

Our new name HappyCo was inspired by our customers who have customized the 'Happy Inspector' app to replace all types of paper forms and workflows. The constant feedback we hear is how delightful our product is and how much of a game changer the Happy Inspector app is to their operations. So, as we transition from a simple tool to a comprehensive software solution for operations teams across the globe, the HappyCo brand represents how we will continue to build products that make people happier in their work life. For our employees, it’s our commitment to build quality software solutions.

Apple, Android and Desktop

Today, we are launching two new experiences: Android and Desktop. These two new products continue to be crafted with the same love and care as those on the Apple platforms. We want to encourage the continuous adoption of technology to replace pen and paper across businesses, and expanding the product line is the next step in achieving that. We have been slow in releasing this but finally felt that the user experience was up to our high standards. It’s by no means complete, but in the coming months we’ll continue to improve on what we have started. 

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned.
Please reach out if you have any questions for us. We’d love to hear from you.

Jindou and Andrew
Co-founders of HappyCo