Accelerate your entire business with Business Intelligence

Visualize your data and get real-time answers to your critical business questions.

Data is your company's most valuable asset. This is where HappyCo’s Business Intelligence module comes in. Happy BI makes it easy to create fully customized reports and analytics of all your inspection data.

Want to know more?

Creating the right report starts with asking the right questions:

• How many windows need replacing in a due diligence walk?

• How often did equipment damages occur in a given region in the last six months?

• How many cases of wine need to be ordered this week after the wine stroll?

• How many pillows were taken from the hotel this month?

• How many couches were severely stained this semester?

Happy BI can answer questions like these and deliver results in a simple, powerful, drag and drop interface. You won’t be able to imagine life without it!


HappyCo's complete business solution is used by thousands of happy businesses


Frequently Asked Questions

• What is an Admin User vs Standard User? An Admin User has full access to your Happy BI account so that they can create, edit and view their own reports. They may be a Business Analyst, Manager or Executive in your company.

A Standard User only has the ability to view the report that Happy BI generates. Think of them as someone who only needs to see reports but has no need to generate/modify them.

• What is Professional Services? We are here to help you get the most of your data. Professional Services gives you access to our Business Analysts for an hourly fee. We’ll help to get you on the road to success.

• What are the contract terms? All contracts are a minimum of 12 months. Payable monthly or yearly.

• Are there discounts if we pay yearly or for a longer term? Yes, contact your Account Executive to find out more.

• Do I need a subscription to Happy Inspector? Yes, you will need to be subscribed to a Team or Company plan to access the Happy BI module.

• Is the pricing for Happy BI per folder, property or company wide?It’s for your whole company. The module allows you to pull in all your data in all of your Happy Inspector accounts and analyze it across the board at the same time. You only need one subscription per company.