How to Introduce BI to Newbies


In October 2015, HappyCo released its very own business intelligence tool, Happy BI. Our CEO, Jindou Lee, a former real estate investor, has a keen understanding about why every real estate and property management company needs to have a BI tool in order to make factually-informed, data-driven decisions.

But, just because HappyCo's CEO knows the importance of BI for real estate and property management, doesn't mean that everyone in these industries is aware of their need for it, or even what BI is. Which is why Lee recently released "3 Tips for Introducing BI to Newbies" to the press, outlining what BI can do for any company currently using paper-driven and "intuition" based practices.

To summarize, Lee says that there are three key factors to talking about business intelligence.

  • Tailor the conversation to what BI can do specifically for the individual involved in the conversation. Data collectors working in the field and stakeholders or investors have two very different roles in a company, so talking about how BI will directly aid their work and responsibilities is very important.
  • BI provides instant access to information that can't be known through intuition or estimations, which makes talking about the tools available to collect real, consistent data another very important key point.
  • When it comes to making high-priced decisions, data analytics become priceless. By making examples of BI success stories, even newbies can easily see why all business needs to be backed by facts.

To read the full article by HappyCo's very own CEO, Jindou Lee, check it out on TDWI's website here.