How To Hack Your Turnover Tips To Make Turnover Faster & Easier Than Ever Before

It’s no secret that managing expirations and planning in advance will make for a smoother transition at turnover.  While having a clear strategy will help you to meet the industry standard of three days, it isn’t always easy. Generally, your tasks will differ from property to property – and it’s challenging to get your entire team on board with turnover processes and policies.

Here are some quick tips to help you hack your turnover and keep your team on top of the chaos this year:

Involve yourself in the process. Make sure to stay active and involved in the turnover process. It is imperative that you have a clear strategy for lease expiration management and that the process is organized and proven. Make any adjustments necessary to ensure the success of your team. 

Pre-inspect. Conducting pre-inspections before your tenants move out will enable you to figure out in advance any work or repairs that need to be done. You’ll save your maintenance crew a lot of time and have a chance to provide your tenants with a move out checklist and suggestions for prepping their property for move out. 

Take photographs and organize files digitally. By keeping everything online and organized, you’ll be able to manage your properties and execute turnover a lot more efficiently. You’ll spend less time on clerical work in the office and more time on site helping your tenants prepare for a smooth transition. 

Bill before you turn. If you discover any problems during pre-inspection that your tenant will need to cover, be sure to bill at that point in time. Yes, it’s possible that more damage could be caused to the property prior to final inspection, but this will cover a majority of fees incurred. 
Train your staff. Hold a boot camp to get everyone on the same page, review the plan and go over individual responsibilities. Ensure that everyone is on board with your processes and procedures and answer any questions that your staff may have.

Incentivize your team. Think sales spiffs, but for maintenance/facilities staff to reduce make-ready time and resource consumption. This applies to your entire team from leasing agents to maintenance crews.