Happy Inspector Feature Release: Scoring!


Wouldn't it be nice, if when doing an inspection, you could somehow tally up points for items whether they were in good or poor condition, or even give items monetary values, so that at the end of a walkthrough you knew immediately the charges a tenant or guest owes? Wouldn't it be amazing, if at the end of a punched room evaluation, you could have a housekeeper's score available on the spot, no math needed?

These are all rhetorical questions, of course, because this is exactly what Happy Inspector 3.8 does! Introducing our newest feature—Scoring!

When creating custom ratings for templates, you can now add numerical values to each selection. For example, say there are 2 beds in a hotel room, but the housekeeper only made 1 of them properly. By giving the item "bed" a score of 10, the rating "good" a score of 10, and the rating "poor" a score of 0, you will be able to see that the housekeeper received a 10/20 score for bed-making. Or, maybe you are doing a move-out inspection on an apartment, and for every wall that will need repainting, the charge will be $50. You can set up "acceptable" to have a score of 0, and "needs repair" to 50. At the end of the walkthrough, say all 3 walls in the kitchen will need to be repainted, you will then be able to see that out of 10 walls, 150/500 is the final score, and the tenant will be charged $150. 

In keeping with Happy Inspector's trusted flexibility and customizability, not only can you set the scores for items and ratings, but you can choose exactly how you want the scores to appear in the final report—choose from a single number total, a percentage, a ratio, or a dollar/euro/pound amount. You can also choose where on the report the scores show—at the item level, section level, or whole report level. 

Scoring is a very powerful new feature, one that fits seamlessly into another exciting and influential HappyCo release—Happy BI, our Business Intelligence tool. What if your team of property managers didn't do just one move-out inspection, but 30 in one day across all of your multifamily properties, and you need to know just how many walls, in total, need to be repainted, so that paint can be ordered in bulk to save you hundreds of dollars? Happy BI offers at-a-glance insights into this kind of data, plus so much more. If you would like to know more about Happy BI, check out this previously posted blog, or the Happy BI webpage.

Have fun scoring, Happy Inspectors! If you have any questions about the scoring feature, or anything else, please feel free to contact our support team via email, phone, or the chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.