Happy Inspector for Android!


We want everyone to be Happy Inspectors, not just iOS users! Which is why our engineers have been working extremely hard to get Happy Inspector ready for Android tablets and smartphones.

We are Happy to announce that that day is finally here! In August, we had our whole team, as well as many users, volunteer to be beta testers. After two months of fixing bugs that became apparent in beta, and adding features to align with our iOS version, Happy Inspector for Android is ready for release.


Like our iOS version, Happy Inspector for Android isn't just easy-to-use, its easy-on-the-eyes, because we believe that functionality and features are made even better with a clean, beautiful interface. In keeping with this ideal, the app scales smoothly from tablets to smartphones, so that you can use any device for your inspections and get the same great user experience.

A new feature that came out of the Android version, which will be available for iOS users as well, is the ability to edit templates on the web! We know that it can be painful when mass changing template sections, items, ratings, and scores in the app, so we made this function easier by completing changes on the web, available through the Manage web app.

If you are a first time HappyCo customer, you can download the Android app in the Google Play store. If you are a current customer, but would prefer to start using Happy Inspector for Android, please reach out to our support team, and we would be Happy to migrate all of your data over to your Android device.