As the Property Turns: Helping you maximize the efficiency of planning and executing student housing turnover

Every June through September, when students vacate their housing locations, property managers scramble to execute quick transitions. What’s the best way to minimize delays and maximize efficiency?  HappyCo’s proven processes and checklists ensure comprehensive planning and understanding between current and incoming tenants. Implementation of these proven techniques will help streamline the transition experience for all involved. 

Here, we’ve rounded up the top five most important things to consider as the property turns:

1.) Stagger movement days. This allows you to manage your peak workload periods, manage resources used for property recovery after vacancy and provide alternative move-out and move-in options to your tenants.

2.) Go paperless. This is imperative to improve real-time communication and enable ready access of supporting documentation and instructions. It allows for on-site or remote access and reference of all data and requisite forms. It further allows for maintaining a historical record of all transactions.

3.) Integrate and digitize your Check-In and Check-Out reports.
Comprehensive descriptions and photo recording ensures beginning and ending walk-through conditions are accurately identified and can be verified. It is hard to refute visual side-by-side documentation of conditions. Providing the initial walk-through to the tenant, prior to their departure, would also allow time to improve the property’s condition prior to the final walk-though.

4.) Provide a comprehensive list of alternatives for departing tenants to consider for furniture movement in advance of the move out date.
A key element in improving transition readiness and execution is sharing information to enhance planning and schedule execution. Providing alternatives for the movement, storage or disposition of furniture enables tenants to arrange for needed resources. Lessons learned from prior transitions help to prevent delays and improve the property’s condition and curb appeal at departure.

5.) Provide your tenants with a list of items to accomplish (check out list) to expedite inspection and remediation.
This entire process may be new to the tenants. By providing a move-out checklist, you will allow for sequential activities and comprehensive coverage of the steps needed to vacate or move in. This further provides a higher probability of property readiness for immediate showing and affecting the next rental.