A Gift for You—Inspector 3.9.1!

To close out 2015 and celebrate the holidays with cheer, we’ve overhauled report formatting in Happy Inspector 3.9.1. Update through the App Store today, and the Force will be with you in 2016!

Column Style Report

Improve your report’s readability by organizing inspection ratings in columns. Just tap Settings in the report preview, then tap Report Formatting and turn on Column Style Report. With the new option, your ratings are now presented in easily scanned columns for Happy customers. 

Streamlined Report Settings

Easily navigate between settings in the streamlined Report Settings panel. Report options are now organized by header, scoring, report formatting, and email, so it’s faster to find what you’re looking for — and faster to finish your report. 

Secondary Notes

Now add a secondary notes column to your report. This highly requested feature gives your recipients room to comment on your findings. Turn it on under Notes Preferences in the Report Formatting settings by selecting an option that includes “Extra Notes.” You can customize the column’s title by tapping Extra Notes Title.

Email Presets

Save time when emailing reports by creating a preset email message. Just add your email text under Report Settings > Customize Email > Email Template, and the next time you share your report, the text will be automatically populated into your email.

Create A Landscape Report

Inspector now supports landscape orientation for your reports. Just turn on Create Landscape Export under Report Formatting in Report Settings.

Updated Manage Dashboard

The Manage Dashboard sidebar has been streamlined to make it easier to navigate between company folders and find administrative settings. Additionally, the web template editor now allows you to select multiple items and edit them at once. Log in to your account at app.happyinspector.com to see the new changes.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features above, Inspector 3.9.1 includes performance, stability, and general bug fixes for inspections and reports.

Thank you for supporting HappyCo throughout 2015. It could not have been such an amazing and productive year without you. If you have any questions or feedback, you can click the green bubble in the bottom right hand corner to live chat with our support team, or email us at [email protected].

Happy Holidays from HappyCo!