The Secret to Filling Rooms is Cleaner Rooms

You might have heard that the #1 indicator of a guest rebooking is room cleanliness, but improving room cleanliness is not always an easy task. It's OK though, we've got you covered with a few tips and a free spreadsheet that'll ensure your housekeepers bring guests back again and again.

The first tip is to create a measurable baseline -- before changing something it's always good to get a baseline so that you can be sure your change had the right effect. Also you can show your boss how good you are.

The second tip is to measure the things you care about most. It's been shown that once you begin to measure something it usually improves but, we can't measure everything so focus on the things that matter most. In a recent poll hotel guests said the most important things to them were

  • No mold or mildew in the tub, shower or sink
  • Clean sheets (preferably white)
  • Lights, air conditioning and TV in working order
  • Pest-free
  • Clean bench tops
  • Clean, smudge free, and streak free crockery

Lastly tip three is make it easy to collect the data and create reports. You can download a sample check list form and a spread sheet where you can enter the data to create a report.

Alternatively, if you hate spending time double handling data check out our Happy Inspector product which has companion mobile apps for performing spot check inspections.